The project

We create space for personal development by leading english workshops about self-growing, soft skills, intercultural communication, various social problems, travelling, project management.

Join Say Babel workshops, improve your english while discovering some fascinating topics!

We believe that the best way to learn language is speaking. On the other hand it is the hardest thing to do. That’s why we decided to create platform to learn english in friendly, open and enjoyable atmosphere, where you can meet and talk with great people.

We noticed, that about what we are talking also matters. That’s why on our workshops we focus on topics connected with things that matter for our self-development and for the world. That are fascinating and help us growing. That we want talk about them in our daily life as well and we care about them.

Opinions about our workshops:

Piotr Gozdera

Anna’s a great organizer! Our lesson time was efficient to the utmost. She has a broad international experience, actually, not only about normal language-communication. Of course – we can look at some of her references when we spot the pages of organizations (like Ashoka), which she’s been involved in.
Anna’s fantastic ideas for every single lessons – make them unique and different.
She has vital and inspiring ideas – but most of them – commonly with, I think, two basic topics: social empathy and progressive (very often – outstanding) inventions.
Learning English method
Over the course of SayBabel classes I enjoyed, naturally, one of the best learning ways – a real conversation! …supported by real, interesting, serious or more playful materials (like any written question/task, or oral longer story). The tasks was focused on increasing creativity and describing vital things. Each time intensive listening – then speaking a dose of refinement. I could very quickly forget “I am in an English class” and everything happened naturally.
Astonishing messages
Ultimately – something over the language classes: the benefit with getting a new horizon of how to get many problems, change popularized ‘dull-attitude’ to enhance the social empathy. The main message is about ‘crazy’ super ideas and people I had never heard before about; Basically, it has all given me a different point of view to the words “sociality” and “responsibility”.

Martyna Kwiatkowska

Attending the workshops conducted by Anna Ksiązek is for me an interesting educational and language adventure. Interesting topics, well-planned meetings and the energy of the trainer let me easily learn many words and expressions in the English language. Anna has considerable experience as a trainer so that, beyond raising my English level I acquired some valuable skills that now I use in my work.

I highly recommend it!

Agnieszka Sokolnicka

sayBabel workshops appeared in my life at the right time, when many months of learning English with a teacher bored me and did not bring the expected results – beside the teacher I could not talk to anyone else in English, because he was the only English speaking person I knew.

I found sayBabel workshops after a long search, because there is no such an offer in Warsaw. From the first meeting I felt satisfied with the form of workshop: non-committal meetings, which bring together different people speaking English at various levels, the whole run by an eloquent trainer. What’s more, the topic of each workshop dealt with important social issues.
I returned to the workshops many times, I met interesting people from many parts of the world and polished my English in an active and engaging way. Often, I was leaving the workshop with conclusions which reflected my personal life and I tried to implement them in everyday life.
For me the each sayBabel workshop has interesting layouts, great people, inspiration for personal change, and all of those in English, tinged with diversity. The workshops are the ideal form of learning for all who are curious about the world and people who hate book learning, repetition of words or conversation about nothing. I recommend it, I’ll be there!

Urszula Wawrzeniuk

I went to a sayBabel workshop because of the subject that interested me – a trip on Camino de Compostela, and English was just an added bonus. Already after the first meeting, I knew I would attend all the following. I have not made a mistake, because each workshop was for me very inspiring, eye-opening, forcing to reflect on things over which we do not think every day. The trainer creates an incredibly open and friendly atmosphere – never two hours passed so fast! Each meeting is different, each surprises with the form and method to engage the participants. Now there is not just one particular reason anymore to be there – learning the language and inspiring themes, fantastic atmosphere, interesting people – all of these together makes sayBabel being a awesome experience 🙂

Igor Kłosiński

sayBabel Workshop means an unique atmosphere, inspiring people, a valuable message about social issues and motivation for change your life for the better, a more “conscious” life. This creates an amazing space to learn English, regardless of your actual level. I am very grateful to Anna Książek and Andrea Pucci for this space, knowledge and motivation to work on myself.

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