Our Team

We all met at sayBABEL workshops. We used to be participants and now we decided to continue this idea after Ania and Andrea left (here you can read more about it), cause we all believe that there is something magic about those workshops 😉 and that it’s the best way to learn both language and living.

SayBabelKarolina Kłosińska

I graduated from cultural studies (with a specialization management of culture) and with a passion for ethnology. I love exploring folk culture. I am/and I was a volunteer in many different projects, it’s like the way of my life:). Now I work inCouncil of Warsaw and I create volunteers teams in Warsaw school.  I am a scout instructor, and a volunteer involved in activities, for example: for people with disabilities, education on human rights. I spend my free time travelling, I am a lover of South America, yerba mate, rock climbing, and all trees of the world.

Say Babel  is to me… building awareness about you and another person, thinking about common solutions to social problems.

10959406_928380343848464_2516872435945088340_nIgor Kłosiński

I’m a student of physiotherapy at the Józef Pisudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw. From the very begining of my studies I become a volunteer for Ożarowska association which helps young people and adults with disabilities to overcome the obstacles on the way to be independent. Thanks to this I learned how enriching the diversity can be. Now I’m volunteering for many NGO organisations working in the field of disability.

sayBABEL is to me… having great time together and learning at once!

Ula_042Urszula Wawrzeniuk

In my daily work I am a project management trainerwith a lot of experience with leading  courses, building my own workshops and excercises, teaching by experience. After work I’m continuously searching for area to grow. I’m an author of project management articles, learning latvian, dancing salsa, reading books, hitchhiking, playing pool and leading courses on topics that are my passion.

sayBABEL is to me… place to learn in the best way you can both language and living

foto Krzysztof Kuczyk / Cukry, www.cukry.com.plAnna Szlęk

I’m a cross-cultural psychologist and a trainer with a 6-year-experience of working with groups. From time to time also a coach who supports others in achieving their goals. I like observing the world and people around, long walks,reading, working, talking, lying on the grass and watching clouds, singing andtasting new things. I love asian cuisine and sailing. In the future I would like to go back to Cyclades and work with women so that they can consciously shape the history of their lives.

sayBABEL is to me…. something I’ve never done before 🙂

12029110_10153104108321304_658646488_nMałgorzata Gałka
I graduate of Gestion et technologie-management and production engineering in French at the International Faculty of Engineering at the Technical University of Lodz and the 1 degree in school of coaches. Professional technical, passionate social worker.
In my professional life I combine a passion for working with people, learning foreign languages as well as innovative and analytical thinking as an engineer. I take inspiration and energy from traveling, meeting new people and doing sports (yoga, dance, swimming, surfing or cycling).
I have been running classes in English and French for nearly 8 years. Learning foreign languages is nowadays a necessity. I believe, however, that it doesn’t need not be just another duty, but it may be an extremely developing in many areas of life experience. Therefore, I decided to run SayBabel workshops in Łódź.
sayBABEL is to me… All benefits in one. Learning languages, personal development, great people and exchange

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