New workshop is coming – let’s talk about changes – 13.10.15r. 19:00

drawing, design, paper, pencil, mockup, logo, macbook, laptop, computer, technology, mouse, wood, black and whiteWe are happy that we can already announced, that we start new season of workshops!

We are especially excited, cause it is completely new start for this project. New team, new place, new topics. Because of that we come up with the first workshop with a title: Changes.

We will try to find answers to such questions as:
What do we change easy in our lives?
What changes are more dif icult to implement and why?
What are we happy with in our lives and what we would like to change?
What is the cost of changes? And what is the profit?
All that with dynamic, interactive methods.
Come and learn and enjoy!

If you want to join us, please fill up the form.

We wait for your application until 10th of October. We will confirm your participation until next day.

If you want to contact us, please use this adress:

See you!:)

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