How to (ex)change the world in Polak Potrafi

Anna and Andrea, who started the idea of sayBabel workshop, are realizing now a new project called (ex)changeBabel. The idea is to go around the world seeking for changemakers, people who in different places change the world for better. Anna and Andrea want to describe their experiences, popularize their achievements, and look for an answer to the questions: Who are the changemakers? What do they have in common? What is it needed to change the world?

All the changemaker’s stories will be shared in the form of a GoodNewsLetter, which will be send to everybody who decide to support them with at least a few euro on the crowdfunding platform:

The method of travelling will be the exchange: they want to offer their skills and knowledge (eg. storytelling, teaching English, Italian cuisine, organizing workshops) in exchange for a place to sleep and a meal.
To follow their adventure visit:

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